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Dino's channel may be the Ultimate Guide to the AR-15. As you can see in this Channel Trailer above, Dino's Channel is full of Political Talk about Government Corruption, History, Gun Rights, Weapons Safety; Training and Maintenance,  Historic Military Uniforms, Current Events & News Stories that the Media left out,

Military Training & Traditions, Prizes, Contests and Give-A-Ways, Family Values and Fun, Classic Rifles and Pistols, Range Shooting, Tactics, Redneck wisdom

and Lots of Humor from Dino's many Crazy Characters. And Much More! Dino does his best to talk to you about marksmanship and safety with all his guns.

He has a deep passion for his rifles and all firearms. But the most important thing in DinoDad's life is his family and his 2 young boys. Dino Loves Military Guns and is a certified NUT for the M4 / M-16/ AR-15 platform. He believes it is the best weapons system in the world. Dino also believes in the importance of our Second Amendment and the protection of all our GUN rights. Dino tries to do a variety of videos on his channel including some important ones about gun ownership. Dino is very serious about his videos but always tries to sneak in a bit of his humor. As you can see, Dino always puts lots of time, passion and

his heart and soul into every video.


Dino's Favorite Motto:

Be Smart ~ Aim Straight and True.

Hit your Target ~ Not your Shoe

Thank you and Stay Safe

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Most Important Video

MY AR Pistol


The New Revolution

in Gun Building


Newest Video:


Dino talks about his new

AK - 47

He does a great video about

all the functions and features

of this historic Russian weapon 


Check out

DinoDad32's Channel Trailer       ------->

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Latest Video:

Dino's 1st Build

80%er to Full AR-15

A fun and informative video

on Tips in building an AR Lower


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Last Video

Dino's AK

Gun Chat

with Nate

Dino & Nate talk about their AKs

and the Crazy new SoCal Gun Laws

One of


Best Videos:

"Dino's Rules for Shooting"

The Basics of Marksmanship

Dino goes over his 4 steps

for proper shooting skills

Informative and Funny



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Latest Adventure

His Crazy

Trip to the


Dino shoots many guns

and has lots of fun with friends